Great Highland Bagpipes

Native to Scotland these are the pipes most people think of when bagpipes are mentioned.

They are best for playing at weddings, funerals or any event that needs a bold, rich pipe sound.


Small Pipes

The perfect alternative to the Highland Bagpipe. They are an indoor instrument with a pleasing tone. Again, great for small gatherings or even on stage.


Irish Whistle

This is a fun little instrument. Perfect for Irish tunes.


  Bagpiper for Arkansas

                 Weddings, Funerals/Wakes, Memorials, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Renaissance Faires and

                 Festivals, Parades, Graduations, Proposals, Holidays (such as St.Patrick’s Day celebrations

                 or Christmas Parties), Golf Tournaments, Rallies (such as Relay For Life), Church Services,

                 Burns Suppers, Highland Games, Schools, And many more…


                 Bagpiper in Arkansas for all occasions. Bagpiper in Arkansas and surrounding areas.

                 Wedding and Funeral Bagpiper. Arkansas Bagpipes. Batesville, Arkansas Bagpiper. Bagpiper

                 Arkansas, Bagpiper for Funerals, Bagiper for Weddings




Member of EUSPBA (Eastern United States Pipe Band Association)

Solo Competition Medalist

Former Member of North Texas Caledonian Pipes and Drums (NTCPD)

World Pipe Band Competitor

Currently at Lyon College in Batesville Arkansas as a Music Major in Bagpipes. I travel with the band and solo competions. My efforts have won many 1st place medals and piper of the day awards.